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Gone Green Washup – Mortar & Pestle

Gone Green Washup – Mortar & Pestle

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Washup Gone Green for your hands & body smoothly removes surface and daily impurities without depleting your skin’s natural moisture. Get the ultimate cleansing experience with our unique rhapsody blend of Organic Borage Oil, Olive Leaf and Aloe.

Extracts & Oils :
Organic Borage oil – Contains anti-inflammatory properties, assists with skin inflammation.
Olive leaf extract – Packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. Helps soothe & relieve local inflammation.
Aloe – Assists in moisture retention as well as anti-inflammatory and restorative benefits.

Flavour :
Black Tea, Exotic Elemi, Cedarwood, Indian Woods, Lemon Citrus, Patchouli
The rich hue of Cedarwood, Elemi and the dynasty of Black Tea create an exotic composition. Propagate. Pick. Grind.

100% natural formulation with certified natural fragrance, vegan & cruelty free.
NO Parabens
NO Artificial colour
NO Mineral Oil & PEGS

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