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Power women need power nails – and LIQUID NAILS gives your nails unbelievable strength!

Product Type: Nail Polish

German ANNY nail polish

  • Liquid nail substance
  • Effective, protective layer for nails
  • Contains the high-quality PRO MINERAL COMPLEX

Power women need power nails – and LIQUID NAILS gives your nails unbelievable strength! LIQUID NAILS is a liquid nail substance that is applied like a polish. It contains the powerful active agent PRO MINERAL COMPLEX combined with high-quality amino acids, which boost the resistance of your nails and effectively prevent splitting and breakage.Forget Wonderwoman or Harley Quinn – with your rock-hard nails, you’ll smash any problem that dares to get in your way!


The correct steps for applying nail polish:

1. Use alcohol cotton pads to clean the nails to keep the nails dry and oil-free.
2. Select the base oil according to the effect and apply a layer of base coat.
3. Apply 2-3 coats of nail polish as you like.
4. Apply top coat.

Tips for lasting nail polish:
1. It is recommended that each layer of nail polish be waiting for5-8 minutes.
2. If you want to reduce the waiting time, use quick-drying top coat instead of ordinary top coat.
3. It is recommended not to take a bath for 2 hours before and after applying nail polish.
4. Make sure there is base coat and top coat.

There are many factors in the durability of nail polish, such as whether you do housework, whether you often touch water, and if the nails are crack and thin, the polishes will not last.

Other considerations:
1. It can be removed with nail polish remover.
2. This product does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, plasticizers, etc. Please feel free to use it.

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