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Your ultimate skin care protocol
Clinically proven skin care essences for regenerative skin care
Combining the latest technology with multiple years of clinical experiences, Skin Protocol develops a set of skin care essences that are most suitable for Asian skin types. With the adoption of Fractional Osmotic Delivery technology, nutrients can be supplied to your cells more effectively and replenishes the growth elements they need efficiently, allowing you to dial back your time with a glowing skin once again.

Source best ingredients globally, manufacturing with highest quality control
Active ingredients within our skin care essences are all sourced globally from Europe, USA, Korea and Japan. With these high quality ingredients, they are manufactured into our skin care essences with the latest technology and highest standard of quality control. Our aim is to make sure every unit of these essences that you use, would be of the freshest and most stable condition, to give you the best possible effects.

Formulated for your individual needs
With multiple years of experiences clinically, we understand every and each one of you is different, as you all have different skin features and conditions. To cope with this, we specially tailored essences to meet your specific needs. If used together with other Skinique products, these skin care essences can help to maximize other Skinique products effects on your skin, achieving synergistic results.

Art Piece, 53 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Art Piece, 3 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

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