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Does your skin care for a drink? Ours did, so we created Skocktail — freshly shaken up cocktails specially designed for the skin and the skincare savvy who are constantly craving for that “no make-up”, all-day glow.

Just like well-loved cocktails, US-born and bred Skocktail is carefully curated from high-quality blends that are memorable, well-loved, and leaves you feeling good. Mixed up with secret ingredients and perfectly-measured recipes, these formulas blends the kind of libation that doesn’t give you a hangover, but gets you ready to take on the world, night or day, with a shining burst of confidence.

Turn to the back of your Skocktail product and you’ll see an ingredients list that is short and sweet. We try to use as few ingredients as possible to create our skincare formulas: simple, clean and effective, with only the good stuff, and quality speaks for itself.

We discover skincare whilst sipping inspiration from your favorited cocktails to help you embrace a unique, brand-new glow, cause that’s the sort of mixology we believe you deserve.

Cheers to Happy Skin!

*Clean Beauty Formula, contains no parabens preservatives, mineral oils, fragrance, colorings and ethanol.
*Suitable for all skin type
*Not tested on animals
*GMP Laboratory manufactured

Art Piece, 53 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Art Piece, 3 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay

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