MediCo House

Key to Revert, Key to Rebirth. MediCo House, a beauty brand under House of Beauty, was founded in 2022. MediCo Blue represents wisdom and keeps your mind and body young and intellectually beautiful at all times. The brand focuses on anti-aging beauty treatments. The combination is carried out in a few steps to open the door to the skin, regenerate and lock collagen, strengthen the endurance after the beauty treatment, extend the life of the skin, and reverse the age of the skin.

Free Trial for MediCo Whitening and Spots Removal Skin Rejuvenation Treatment (Face)

Your skin does not have to be dry. This treatment can repair, brighten, prevent pigmentation, firm and hydrate in one go.

MediCo House offers an advanced laser Picocare instrument, that is recognized by multiple internationally certified patents. It uses different wavelengths to disassemble melanin in both superficial and deep layers of the skin, and helps to remove all kinds of pigmented spots, thus solving the problem of uneven skin color. Other than melanin removal, this treatment also prevents melanin accumulation and spots formation. Furthermore, the treatment is highly effective in improving fine lines and enlarged pores, making your skin tender, whitened, and delicate!


Free Trial for MediCo House Moisturizing and Restoring Treatment

The first step in transformation is to open the door to the skin.

Wearing a mask has become the new normal. Baked skin for a long time makes the stratum corneum thicker, and blackheads, acne and pimples appear on the face one by one. First of all, it is necessary to restore the essence of the skin, so that the subsequent beauty treatment or skin care products can be absorbed more effectively, so as not to waste time and essence.

MediCo House introduces a professional micro-bubble deep cleaning device from the United States, which can control energy more accurately and uniformly than the general suction beauty device of the same type, gently clean the bottom of the skin, clean the pores with a clear layer, effectively decompose keratin and dirt, and further balance the efficacy of inflammation and sterilization. Oil secretion, prevent acne, oil particles growth, create pure, soft, flawless white skin.

- Non-Abrasive, Non-Invasive
- LED Optical Treatment
- Essence Penetrates Directly to the Bottom of the Muscle
- Tailor-Made Skin Care Routine
- U.S. Patent Verified Formula


Free Trial for MediCo Laser and Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment (Eye or Cheek)

Collagen regeneration in 1 treatment

After a woman is over 25 years old, her metabolism slows down, the collagen on her face is quietly lost every day, and signs of early aging such as wrinkles, sags, and sagging appear all at once. To restore fullness and wrinkle-free skin, collagen rejuvenation treatment must be performed on the deep, middle and superficial layers of the muscle base.

MediCo House Aurora Collagen Rejuvenation Treatment uses the new 1540nm optical technology to reach 200-500 µm, the dermal layer (collagen layer) of at the bottom of the muscle, awaken the collagen matrix at the bottom of the muscle, and regenerate the collagen, especially for aging forehead lines and eye lines, tiger lines and neck lines, as well as firming and whitening effects.

After 6 treatments, the skin's supporting capacity is greatly improved, the effect is long-lasting and ageless, the wrinkles are removed for a long time, and the plump and elastic skin is reproduced.