ANHAO Wellness

ANHAO Wellness was founded in 2012 as a unique luxury boutique Pilates Studio, set in the heart of the historical Ladder Street in Mid-Levels before further expanding into Causeway Bay. ANHAO Wellness specialises in STOTT Pilates, in particular Reformer Pilates, which puts emphasis on the mind-body connection, precise activation of muscles and body awareness. Expect more energy, leaner muscles, stronger core and much more, delivered through the hands-on, caring and motivating approach of our instructors. Reformer Pilates is suitable for all, including those recovering from injury, and would greatly improve posture, strength, and agility.

Reformer Pilates - Beginners

Our Beginners class is ideal if you’re new to Pilates at Anhao Wellness, or are looking to refine and practice your technique at a gentler pace. There are no prerequisites to attending these classes. The Beginners Class provides an ideal environment for you to become familiar with the Reformer and to learn and practice those techniques.


Reformer Pilates - Intermediate

The Intermediate Class emphasises firmly on strength, agility, endurance and control. To attend, you should already have trained your core strength and flexibility through Pilates. You should also be comfortable with the Reformer, understand how the core muscles work, and be able to activate them correctly.


Reformer Pilates - All Levels

The intensity of the All Levels class is varying. You can enjoy your own choice of resistance by adjusting the springs, and choose your own pace. Expect significantly more variety – with hundreds of exercises for your Trainer to choose from, no two classes will ever be the same. You’ll quickly see new levels of core strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. Your posture will improve; you’ll stand taller and straighter, and your physique will become leaner and more toned.


Prenatal Reformer Pilates

Our Prenatal Classes are ideal for pregnant ladies who wish to gently build their strength and stamina safely, which will greatly help with balance and flexibility during the pregnancy, and during the labour and delivery. Join us to reenergise your body and bring relief to the muscles which have been supporting you and the new life within you!


Reformer Stretching

For those of you who want to improve your range of motion and flexibility safely, this is the option for you! Working with a resistance springs from the reformer, you have the option to not only work with your own body weight, but also other levels of resistance, helping you develop strength to supplement your flexibility, so as to ensure stability in the process.