Collection: BYBI

We are BYBI; skin positive, pro-planet beauty.

We create natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, unlocking the goodness of active, nourishing ingredients—full of juicy vitamins and skin-strengthening minerals—to deliver you great skin.

BYBI is one of the first beauty brands to declare a crusade against carbon, the #1 contributor to the climate crisis. We believe sustainable skincare isn’t an oxymoron—it’s our only beauty standard. We’re here to boost the health of your skin whilst shrinking your carbon footprint. Our goal is to create real change in the beauty industry by making products with intentional ingredients using low-carbon production methods to keep your skin—and our planet—healthy.

We’re working towards becoming the world’s first carbon negative skincare brand by 2025, by reducing our carbon emissions throughout our entire supply chain. Glowcurrant Booster (launching 1 Feb 22) is a major milestone in this journey. As the world’s first carbon negative skincare product*, from cradle to gate, it captures more carbon than it emits.