THANN Sanctuary

Voted as one of the Top 55 Best Spas in the world by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, THANN SPA, an oasis of peace and tranquility, offers a wide range of spa treatments based on THANN’s art of natural therapy. From the moment you step into THANN SPA, all senses will be awakened by our unique holistic spa concept and ambience. The use of warm grey color, soothing light and specially designed furniture includes calm and tranquility in contrast to the hectic city life outside. All therapists are certified with extensive knowledge on anatomy, aromatherapy and massage techniques. The holistic treatment approach aims to help you re-discovering inner physical and mental wellness. At THANN SPA, simply close your eyes, relax in the hands of our therapists, and enjoy moment of relaxation.

Signature Massage

THANN Signature Massage is an intensive full-body massage, targeting key pressure points and providing complete muscle relaxation.

• Intensity : High
• Massage technique : Lower palms, fingers, forearms and elbows, primarily pressing
• Targeted body parts : Large muscle tissues, shoulders, neck and back
• Suitable for : People with sore and fatigued muscles; and those seeking deep muscle relaxation


Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is an internationally recognised mainstay of massage therapy available at THANN, applied with medium pressure and focused on small muscle tissues, you can expect a more delicate touch.

• Intensity : Moderate to intense
• Massage technique : rubbing, kneading and tapping
• Targeted areas : Medium to small muscle tissues
• Suitable for : People who prefer limited use of the elbow technique, and those seeking moderate pressure


Aroma Massage

THANN Aroma Massage is intended to calm the mind and provide a deep sense of inner-relaxation. The essential oil is more effectively absorbed through gentle pressure, resulting in deep relaxation.

• Intensity : Mild
• Massage technique : primarily soft pressing and rubbing
• Targeted areas : Full body, with the primary objective of mind relaxation
• Suitable for : People experiencing mental stress, tension or anxiety; and those with a lower tolerance to massage pressur


Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga is a traditional Indian warm oil massage that combines techniques including stretching, rubbing and kneading of internal energy points, restoring the body to its fundamental state of health.

• Massage technique : stretching, rubbing, kneading and pressing based on internal energy points
• Warm oil massage followed by a 15-minute steam bath
• Suitable for : People with high awareness for wellness regimen, or those experiencing fatigue caused by the seasonal transition


Healing Stone Body Massage

Healing Stone Massage is a combined treatment that includes application of crystals of seven colors and a gentle massage. The treatment supports in removing energy blockages, soothes muscles and nerves, reduces muscle tension and relieves soreness, restoring the body to its optimal state.

• Targeted massage directed by crystals of seven colors
• Dual purifying process with black and white agate stones, absorbing negative energy while calming the mind
• Removes energy blockages between acupuncture points
• Suitable for : People with poor circulation, chronic pain or inflammation


Thai Herbal Compress

Thai Herbal Compress is derived from an ancient Thai recipe, and is comprised of natural herbs with potent healing power. The soothing warm compress promotes blood circulation, removing excessive dampness in the body, and alleviating sub-optimal health conditions, including circulation issues.

* Not applicable in Healing Stone Massage or Abhyanga Massage
* Add-on to massage treatment(s) only


Salt Therapy Massage

1. Head & Shoulder with Foot Massage
2. Foot Massage

Relax your legs and enjoy the purified air in our salt steam inhalation facility, flushing out all the accumulated pollutants within the respiratory system. This treatment is highly recommended to smokers, and people who suffer from chronic bronchitis and allergies


Swedish Massage with Thai Herbal Compress

This well-known treatment utilizes light/medium/or firm pressure to help relieve the build-up of tension that causes stiff muscles and poor circulation. Friction, kneading and hacking techniques are utilized along with our “scentsational” Bath and Massage Oil to help bring the body to a more relaxed state leaving you better able to cope with the stress of everyday life.  

Herbal Compress induces deep relaxation, relieves stress and fatigue, boosts both emotional and physical well-being, assists alignment and postural integrity of the body, improves circulation of blood and lymph and stimulates the internal organs.


Nano Shiso Anti-Aging Facial

This treatment is suitable for early mature or mature skin.

Dryness is one of the primary contributors to accelerated aging process. Nano Shiso Oil utilzes a high concentration of moisture, and when applied with our advanced technique, can significantly improve your skin's appearance and health. Coupled with our Anti-aging Facial Cream from our Shiso line of products, you can experience the revealing of a more vibrant and youthful appearance.


Special Treatment Package

THANN Sanctuary supports you in reconnecting with nature, listening to your body, and restoring the purity of your inner self. We offer a full range of treatments that allow you to enjoy the ultimate healing experience. Reward yourself now and embark on a journey of serenity!

1. Essence of THANN Sanctuary
- Body Scrub 60 mins
- Body Massage (Aroma Massage or Swedish Massage) 60 mins
- Facial Treatment (Purifying Facial) 60 mins
2. Body Bliss
- Body Scrub 60 mins
- Body Massage (Aroma Massage or Swedish Massage) 90 mins
3. Balancing Therapy
- Body Massage (Aroma Massage or Swedish Massage) 60 mins
- Facial Treatment (Purifying Facial) 60 mins


* Customer service team will call you to confirm the details of the appointment. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to WhatsApp our THANN Sanctuary Spa hotline team at 9429 9735.