At IKIGAI, we help you find your “reason for being” through comprehensive wellness experiences.
All classes at IKIGAI offer a variety of physical and mental benefits :

* 20+ professional and passionate teachers
* 100+ curated classes per week
* High quality equipment
* Accessible locations
* Small class sizes
* Workshops & Trainings
* Private rooms available for private lessons and rentals
* All levels welcomed


The class program includes a variety of classes that are most popularly experienced in the yoga tradition such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga amongst others. Each type of class has its own methodology which enhances one’s mind, body, emotions and energy.



Add a sense of calm, peace and balance to your daily routine. At IKIGAI we have a variety of meditative practices that can benefit your overall health and mental well-being. Classes such as Mindfulness Meditation, Sound Healing & Therapy, Breathwork and others, can help you manage stress more effectively, provide clarity of mind, create emotional stability amongst numerous other benefits.



Learn fundamental movement patterns that we tend to lose in our modern sedentary lifestyles. Movement classes focus on the human physiology and biomechanics of the body. Helping people move freely and alleviate chronic pain. They build strength, stability and mobility in our muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Examples include Mobility Basics, Gentle Stretching For Lower Back & Hips, Arm Balances & Inversions and more.


Special Classes

Aerial Yoga, Gymnastic Rings and Yoga Wheel classes are available to join at the Central studio. IKIGAI also produces exclusive special events and classes not taught anywhere else, such as the Immersive Sounds Session, The Awakening Practice, Deep Tissue Release with Soundscapes, Yoga + Live DJ Set.


Pricing Plans

Intro Offer - IKIGAI x Art Piece CWB Access Only

3-Class Package : HK$420 (HK$140/class)

Single Drop-In - IKIGAI x Art Piece CWB Access Only

IKIGAI Single Class : HK$290

Class Packages - IKIGAI x Art Piece CWB Access Only

5-Class Package (Valid 60 Days) : HK$1,150

Class Packages - IKIGAI x Art Piece CWB Access Only

10-Class Package (Valid 120 Days) : HK$2,000

Monthly Membership - IKIGAI x Art Piece CWB Access Only

6-Month Unlimited : HK$1,690/Month

Monthly Membership - IKIGAI x Art Piece CWB Access Only

IKIGAI CWB 6-month x 8 class : HK$1,100 x 6 months