• Professional Certification and International Perspective

    Holds official certifications from the Hong Kong Taekwondo Association and the Police Force, and actively participate in international competitions and exchange activities, providing students with a broad platform for development.

  • Comprehensive Women's Empowerment

    place special emphasis on nurturing female students and enhancing their confidence, self-defence abilities, and leadership skills through Taekwondo training.

  • New Parent-Child Interactive Experience

    Offer unique parent-child Taekwondo courses, allowing parents and children to learn together and strengthen their relationships.

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Five Courses

  • Parent-Child Taekwondo Class

    - Specifically designed for children aged 3-6 and their parents
    - Enhances parent-child relationships through learning Taekwondo together
    - Develops children's basic motor skills and social abilities
    - Helps parents understand their children's developmental needs and promotes parent-child communication

  • Adult Self-Defense Class

    - Focuses on practical self-defence techniques to enhance students' self-protection abilities
    - Combines Taekwondo kicking techniques with practical applications
    - Cultivates students' alertness and responsiveness
    - Boosts confidence, especially suitable for female students

  • Youth Taekwondo Class

    - Designed for youth aged 6-15, focusing on comprehensive physical and mental development
    - Cultivates discipline, respect, and team spirit
    - Improves focus and coordination, beneficial for academic performance
    - Motivates learning through regular competitions and promotion tests

  • Adult Taekwondo Class

    - Suitable for adults of all ages, including beginners and experienced practitioners
    - Comprehensive learning of Taekwondo techniques, including poomsae (forms) and sparring
    - Provides stress relief and social opportunities
    - Flexible course scheduling to accommodate students with different work hours

  • Sweat Therapy Class

    - Designed for adults seeking intense exercise and quick fitness results
    - Combines Taekwondo movements with high-intensity interval training for fat-burning and muscle-building effects
    - Emphasizes improvement of cardiovascular function and full-body muscle training
    - Suitable for students who want to quickly improve their physique and physical fitness

Trial Offer: 2 classes HK$320 (1.5 hour/ one session)