Art Piece Summer Surprises!

You can earn unlimited AP Point awards!

Even if you're not under the scorching sun, you can still sweat buckets! That's the charm of exercise!
Let's devote yourselves to the energetic, and sweaty exercises this Summer with Art Piece! Get your sweat on!

EVENT PERIOD: JULY 1, 2024 - AUGUST 31, 2024

  • Reward 1

    Accumulate spending of HK$2,000 during the campaign period and receive a one-time BONUS 2,024 AP Points all at once.*

  • Reward 2

    Successfully refer a new AP Club member to make their first purchase at Art Piece, and earn EXTRA 2024 AP Points.* (Invite More friends, Earn More rewards!)

Harvesting the Sweat of Summer!

XSlim 高強度間歇訓練( HIIT ) 結合節奏感強烈的音樂和運動元素,並搭配BOSU球、戰繩等各種器材,幫助你在短時間內激發身體的爆發力,令你汗水大爆發!

The Ultimate Choice for Rapid Fat Burning, More Effective Than Jogging!  | TeamX

XSlim High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Combine energizing music and modern equipment like the BOSU ball and battle ropes, to quickly ignite your body's power and get you sweating like crazy! Just 60 minutes of HIIT can help you burn 600-1000 calories, delivering an explosive training experience.
➤Build your stamina and feel stronger everyday.
➤Work out together with a group, and motivate each other.
➤Boost your metabolic rate and burn calories.
New Clients offer :
Trial Package - 3 classes (validity 14 days) HK$399
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重塑體姿 ● 打造曲線動人的女神體型!  核心床普拉提當普拉提加入有氧運動元素時,就會變成一場爆汗挑戰!

Reshape your posture and create a captivating curve | ANHAO Wellness

Reformer Pilates
Experience a dynamic cardio workout on the Reformer, which turns it into a sweat challenge!
The course has increased the intensity and pace of the exercises, incorporating quick movements, resistance bands, and dumbbells to comprehensively train your core strength and endurance. You'll not only feel the muscle burn, but you'll also work up a great sweat!

➤Improve your postural habits.
➤Enhance your overall core strength and stability.
➤Increase your joint mobility and improve your flexibility.
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靜態鍛鍊 ● 體驗溫熱瑜伽的樂趣! | IKIGAI Yoga & Meditation 溫熱瑜伽熱瑜伽最適合喜歡靜態運動的你,室內溫度透過紅外線調節到26至28度的環境中,猶如夏日中的和煦陽光,利用外在環境加速暖身,可以藉此排汗和排毒。

Experience the Joy of Warm Yoga! | IKIGAI Yoga & Meditation

Warm Yoga

The studio sets the temperature to 26-28 degrees, just giving a feeling of gentle warmth, like on a sunny day. The infrared heating helps you warm up your muscles quickly, so you can really dive into those deep stretches. You'll work up a sweat that helps flush out toxins.

➤Boost Your Cardiovascular Health and Improve Your Body's Circulation. Infrared heated Yoga classes enhance blood flow and circulation, oxygenating your lungs and nurturing internal organs.
➤The elevated temperatures also make you sweat more, helping to flush out toxins and reduce water retention.
➤Revitalize Your Metabolism.
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運動後Chill想放鬆 | THANN Sanctuary 身體磨砂 60分鐘 運動後出了一身汗,就要做身體磨砂舒爽下,讓肌膚煥然一新。適當的按摩可以幫助肌肉伸展,緩解運動後的酸痛感,讓身體得到放鬆,也能幫助身心獲得平衡。

Chilling Out After a Workout | THANN Sanctuary

Aroma Body Scrub 60mins
After a sweaty workout, it's time to do a full body scrub to leave your skin feeling brand new. And a nice massage is the perfect way to help your muscles stretch out and relieve any soreness from the workout. It's such a great way to let your body fully relax and recharge.

Aroma Body Scrub begins with 15 minutes of steam bath. It releases the body of toxins, purifies the pores, and relieves stress.

➤Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
➤Ensuring a gentle exfoliating.
➤Continuous infusion of nutrients into the skin.

AROMA BODY SCRUB 60mins (15 mins steam bath included)HK$780
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夏日你最灑脫 ● 零毛感! | House of Beauty CapiLux House 零瑕柔滑脫毛療程脫毛都是為夏日做好準備,無論是穿著背心或短褲,都能盡情展現白滑緊緻肌膚,「毛」所畏懼。

Be Hair-free and carefree this summer | House of Beauty

CapiLux House Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal

Hair removal is all part of getting ready for summer! Whether you're wearing tank tops, shorts, or swimsuits, you'll want to show off white, smooth, and firm skin that is free of unwanted hair. Feel confident baring more of your skin during the hot summer months.

➤With ice-feeling painless to repel coarse and fine hair.
➤Improve uneven skin tone.

New Clients offer :
Purchase CapiLux House Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Hair Removal (choose one of 10 small parts) HK$3,280, can enjoy Free Skin Repairing and Rejuvenation Treatment once.

Terms and conditions:

  • Each member can only earn the Reward 1 once.
  • Existing Art Piece members can refer multiple friends, and there is no limit to the number of Reward 2 you can earn.
  • The AP Points earned will be calculated and awarded within one month after the event ends. You will be notified via WhatsApp or SMS once your AP Point balance is updated.
  • In case of any disputes, Art Piece reserves the right to make the final decision.