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Baby Body Butter

Baby Body Butter

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Suitable for infants and children, body eczema, diaper rash, and steroid rebound

Effectively relieves the following symptoms: itching, redness, swelling, peeling, black marks, rash, dryness

Exclusive ingredients specially designed for children’s problem skin

✓ Exclusive ingredient Relief Mild™, more suitable for children’s tender skin
✓ Quickly relieve redness, swelling, scars and inflammatory rashes
✓ Improve dark marks, deep and dry skin caused by eczema
✓ Continuous maintenance to reduce the chance of recurrence
✓ Natural ingredients, no steroids

Exclusive children's formula Relief Mild™, truly taking care of children's needs

We understand that children are itchy and uncomfortable due to eczema and sensitive skin, and we also know that many parents have tried various methods but cannot solve the problem. CUBED's products have helped many families improve the redness and swelling of eczema. We have formulated special ingredients for children based on the skin characteristics of babies and children. With the tenet of "mothers can truly feel at ease in allowing their children to use skin care products", we only select the most friendly ingredients. Skin ingredients can improve the redness, swelling, itching and other sensitive symptoms of children's eczema.

It not only relieves the symptoms of eczema, but also focuses on repairing imbalanced skin.

Unlike other products on the market that only have a single moisturizing function, Relief Mild™ contains clove leaf and rosemary extracts, which can directly deal with damaged skin and inflammatory factors, instantly relieving redness, swelling and inflammation. Beneficial oils such as rice bran oil, safflower seed oil and shea butter target children's lack of sebum layer and low cell density. They exert triple moisturizing effects and form a protective film to resist irritants and environmental pollutants, while achieving The isolation and nourishing effect also helps balance the skin's microbial ecology, improve wound healing, and comprehensively improve sensitive problems.

Tested by dermatologists, allowing children to feel more at ease. Dermatologist-tested products have been proven to contain no allergenic ingredients and are designed to protect children’s tender skin. The products use naturally derived ingredients and are free of alcohol, essential oils, artificial colors and flavors, and no Containing common irritating ingredients in skin care products such as mineral oil, SLS, SLES, PEG, triethanolamine, triclosan, plasticizers, and silicone, it can be used with peace of mind even on the most fragile skin.
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