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The Feel Good Facial

The Feel Good Facial

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The star of the show in this Xmas set? BIO-RETINOL GOLD MASK, contains the anti-aging effect of Bidens Pilosa. Bidens Pilosa is a natural alternative to retinol which works to smooth skin and plump up fine lines and wrinkles, giving you the appearance of younger looking skin.

Gentle Cleansing Melt 60ml
- Massage the cleansing balm into skin to melt away make up and cleanse skin
- Rinse face with warm water to transform the cleansing balm into a rich creamy milk
- Wash away the remaining cleansing melt and gently pat dry to reveal soothed, glowing, cleansed skin

Hyaluronic Serum 200 10ml
- Apply one pump of hyaluronic serum onto cleansed skin
- Gently pat into face and neck (it can be used on both dry and damp skin)
- Use this serum as part of a morning and evening routine and follow with preferred moisturiser

Bio-Retinol Gold Mask 30ml
- Apply a thick layer of the mask onto cleansed skin, being careful to avoid the delicate eye area
- Leave for five to ten minutes before adding warm water to turn the mask into a creamy milk that easily washes away
- Warning: make sure your hands are dry to apply the mask, do not add water into the jar as this may affect the consistency of your mask

Hyaluronic Eye Complex 10ml
- Shake the roller before applying to ensure the formula is evenly distributed around the metal ball
- Gently roll the ball over skin to distribute the serum around the eye area
- If there is any excess left on the skin gently pat it into the area using your ring finger

Daily Renew Facial Cream 30ml
- Apply a small amount of nourishing moisturiser to cleansed skin
- Massage into face and neck, taking care around the delicate eye area
- For best results, use in both morning and evening routines

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