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Milk Melt

Milk Melt

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Cleansing • Removing Makeup • Dryness • Sensitivity • Calming

A creamy cleanser that helps clarify and soothe even the most sensitive and irritated skin. Made with calming oat milk, it effectively melts away dirt, grime and makeup for clear, nourished and smooth skin. Probiotic (vegan) coconut yogurt helps to balance skin and soothe redness, whilst protective vitamin E helps promotes skin health and radiance.

Rich in ceramides, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, calming oat milk gently cleanses whilst supporting skin barrier function to ensure skin feels clean, but not stripped.

Probiotic coconut yogurt moisturises the skin whist helping to restore the skin’s level of beneficial bacteria. This helps to balance skin and soothe redness, leaving it supple and restored.

Unique jelly-like milk texture melts into skin, facilitating facial massage and leaving skin feeling comforted, soft and moisturised.

X Free from parabens, sulfates, fragrance, microbeads

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