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Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil

Snowflower Illuminating Face Oil

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An illuminating 100% organic face oil containing a cocktail of unique wildcrafted Australian active botanicals along with brightening active Oleactif Bright. This synergy of oils unleashes a wave of rejuvenating and collagen boosting activity to infuse the skin with youth, vibrance and vitality.

• Illuminating: Snowflower brightens and illuminates. Brightening active Oleoactif Bright has been clinically proven to increase skin luminosity by over 250% and decrease melanin in dark spots by 52%.

• Nourishing and softening. Synergy of oils with an abundance of antioxidants, minerals and fats. Promotes soft and supple youthful skin.

• Collagen boosting: An abundance of vitamin C and E boosts collagen production.

• Non-greasy formula: Hydrates without clogging pores or leaving oily residue.

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