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Microbiome Calming Milk

Microbiome Calming Milk

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Calming milky serum which contains a blend of pre, pro and post-biotics, along with estorative proven botanicals and amino acids that work on balancing the skin microbiome for a strengthened and resilient skin barrier. Designed to ease skin redness and irritation, provide hydration to the epidermis, repair and restore the skin microbiome and barrier

• Beyond Probiotics. This formula uses proven pre, pro and post biotic strains that work on balancing the skin microbiome and supporting a restored, strong and resilient skin barrier.

• Science backed restoring and skin protective ingredients. Contains clinically proven extracts
including Ecoskin and Maxnolia, design to strengthen the skin barrier, reducing sensitivity.

• Calms. Redness reducing and calming.

• Over 70% organic ingredients.

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