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Evolve Organic Beauty

Daily Detox Facial Wash

Daily Detox Facial Wash

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Balancing / Protecting / Soothing
A natural face wash that cleanses and rebalances normal to combination skin.

Suitable for
- Normal to oily skin types, although it is suitable for all skin types
- Those who live in large cities or area prone to pollution
- Combination and oily skin or skin prone to blemishes

- Gently yet effectively cleanses the skin without causing any irritation
- Helps to remove excess oil, pollution and impurities from the skin
- Protects the skin against pollution and free radicals Key

- Goji is the highest known source of antioxidants, and has moisturising, soothing and detoxifying properties, meaning it helps to leave your skin soft, cleansed and soothed
- Moringa Peptides help to protect your skin by preventing microparticles of pollution such as car fumes from sticking to your skin. They also help to re-balance natural oil production and have great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

How to use
- Apply a small amount of face wash to a damp face and neck
- Massage the wash into your skin, taking care when applying the cleanser to the eye area
- Rinse and pat dry

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