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Evolve Organic Beauty

Enzyme + Vitamin C Powder Cleanser

Enzyme + Vitamin C Powder Cleanser

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Protect / Hydrate / Refresh
An exfoliating powder cleanser to brighten, moisturise and strengthen all skin types.

Suitable for
- All skin types, although it is great for those looking for a brightening boost
- Those with skin sensitivities, as the formula is hypoallergenic and helps to reinforce the skin barrier, defending it from sensitivity
- Anyone who wants to cleanse their skin without irritation

- Cleanses without stripping or irritating the skin
- Strengthens the skin barrier with Chicory-based Prebiotics
- Helps to brighten and reduce hyperpigmentation for a more radiant complexion
- Restores moisture and nourishes the skin

Key Ingredients
- Vitamin C helps to reduce pigmentation whilst brightening skin
- Prebiotics help to preserve the healthy appearance of skin by balancing and reinforcing the human skin microbiota making skin more resistant
- Papaya Enzymes gently exfoliate skin, removing dead skin cells for a smoother and softer skin surface, preserving skin radiance
- Aloe Vera intensely hydrates and soothes signs of irritation and inflammation

How To Use
- Scoop the perfect amount of product into your palm using your included Evolve Organic Beauty spatula
- Mix with a few drops of warm water and massage the transformed mixture into your skin
- Rinse away to reveal glowing skin, use a muslin cloth if needed
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