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Scent Scene™ Duo (Lost in Amalfi & Kyoto in Bloom)

Scent Scene™ Duo (Lost in Amalfi & Kyoto in Bloom)

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The Scent Scene™ Duo includes a metal vessel and two individually packaged Scent Stems™ fragrances (5pcs) : Kyoto in Bloom Camellia & Lotus and Lost in Amalfi Sea Mist.

To use place your Scent Stems™ of choice into the metal vessel, ensuring it's placed on a flat surface away from open windows or vents. After 30 days, or a time of your choosing, swap out the Scent Stems™ for the other supplied fragrance.

The Lost in Amalfi Sea Mist Scent Srtems are part of the Fresh Fragrance Family. Fresh fragrances are described as the perfect outdoorsy, uncluttered and uplifting scents for the active, beach-loving customer.

The Kyoto in Bloom Camellia & Lotus Scent Stems are part of the Oriental Fragrance Family. Oriental fragrances are the queens of perfumery - sensual and complex with multiple layers.

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